About Us

Aiming to defeat misinformation in natural health practice, SupplementLink hopes to provide supportive measures to conventional means.

Together with the conventional practices of medicine that you are all familiar with, SupplementLink aims to provide quality information regarding alternative means that will maximize the comfort and well-being of everyone without dismissing the contributions of either.

You always get that creeping feeling when you try out something new, but let us tell you, friend, that new is not always bad.

Take SupplementLink as an example – SupplementLink is a promoter of natural health remedies and methods that highlight the modern importance of complementary and alternative medicine in providing a holistic yet quality improvement means for everyone around the globe.

Of course, it is easy to dismiss the relevance of natural health, but why not give it a try to witness what SupplementLink has in store for you in improving your health through the most non-invasive and natural means available?

You are precious, and we want you to feel like it

It is no hassle to simply mention that you are important to us and one of our most valuable consumers and enthusiasts, but it is much harder to back all that up with sufficient outputs, information, and results to highlight precisely why you are precious to us.

Of course, this is not to say that we will promise ridiculous results that will make you believe that we have the easiest way out of everything. Instead, SupplementLink aims for your improvement by establishing a connection that you could not find anywhere else. We want you to feel welcome, to feel at home, to feel safe, even if natural health is a field that is thoroughly new to you. SupplementLink is aware of the preconceptions surrounding this practice. Still, we want you to feel comforted nonetheless in knowing that you are in good hands – a goal that takes precedence over everything else when it comes to SupplementLink.

Painless: the one that got away in modern medicine

Modern conventional medical practices are by no means, ineffective. Unquestionably, the benefits of traditional methods are proven, evidence-based, and, most importantly, effective in most cases. Sure, there might be some individuals who do not tolerate some of its features. Still, we could never dismiss the fact that its practice has come a long way in ensuring that everything is patient-centered and is designed to prioritize the betterment of their condition.

However, we could also argue that natural health is a great way to supplement conventional medicine, especially when the pain is a…erm…not so favorable for a particular patient. SupplementLink, by no means imaginable, aims to replace conventional practices and proven medical options. Instead, SupplementLink hopes to help support that initiative with alternatives that prioritize, on the one hand, the comfort of the patient by providing information about painless methods and non-invasive procedures.

Natural is not always beneficial.

Despite the goal of SupplementLink to promote the use of natural products by providing relevant information about their use and means, you need to understand that natural products are not always beneficial – at least when it comes to improperly used, manufactured, or advertised ones. The online world is filled with misinformation about natural health remedies, which is precisely the root cause of the stigma surrounding this field.

SupplementLink likewise aims to resolve that by outlining the benefits and risks of this practice without holding back even an inch of information to highlight its promotion. Not all-natural health products are beneficial, and SupplementLink takes pride in helping people filter out what is real and flawed – a one-in-a-million in this field if you ask us.

Complete with everything from distinctive points to product features, SupplementLink hopes to have it all for you.

The Editorial Team

Arnold Blair: Senior Editor & Wellness Pioneer at SupplementLink

Arnold Blair, with a decade-long tenure in nutritional science, is the cornerstone of SupplementLink's editorial ethos. His Master's in Nutrition and Dietetics isn't just a credential—it's a testament to his journey as a trailblazer in the health supplement industry.

In his dual role as Head Senior Editor and Principal Wellness Advisor, Arnold's discerning approach to product selection and his rigorous evaluation methodology ensure that only the most scientifically robust supplements are recommended to our readers. His conviction that knowledge is the catalyst for health transformation resonates through the empowering educational content he authors. Each piece he crafts is a beacon of clarity, aiming to demystify the complex world of supplements for those who seek truth and efficacy in their health choices.

Arnold's expertise isn't confined to the digital corridors of SupplementLink; he's also a revered orator at industry conferences and a trusted voice in wellness periodicals. He stands out as a beacon of reasoned advice in a sea of exaggeration, advocating for informed health choices with fervor and integrity.

Nathaniel Booth: Visual Storyteller & Seasonal Canine Enthusiast

Nathaniel Booth orchestrates the visual narrative of SupplementLink as the Head of the Publishing and Layout Department. His academic background in the arts and his tenure as a digital layout artist infuse our publications with both precision and appeal. Nathaniel's unique blend of accuracy and artistic flair ensures that our content is not only informative but also engaging. When he's not aligning pixels to perfection, he's a devoted pet parent to his canine quartet—each named after a different season, reflecting his creative spirit and love for nature.

Eric Shepard: Data Virtuoso & Natural Health Advocate

As the freshest face to join the leadership at SupplementLink, Eric Shepard has rapidly ascended to the role of Head of the Analytics Department. His prowess in statistical analysis and data strategy has made him an invaluable asset. Although his analytical skills have graced various domains, Eric's heart remains steadfast in the realm of natural health—a passion that is evident in his insightful contributions to our platform. His commitment to exploring alternative wellness solutions grounds his analytical work in a mission to offer our readers options that are both innovative and introspective.

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