Bauer Nutrition Products Review: Does it Work or Scam?

Bauer Nutrition’s Amazing Health Products

If you’re out searching for a nutrition company that can help you achieve your fitness goals, give Bauer Nutrition a shot. Here is a company that is totally committed to giving everyone a chance to lead a better and more active life. Their protein, dietary supplements, and weight loss products, when integrated with a good diet and exercise, are a perfect formula for a healthy lifestyle.

A brief review of the company’s products follows, but first, here’s a little information on the lady who started it all for us.

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The Founder

The founder of Bauer Nutrition is none other than Joy Bauer.

With her rich background on nutrition, she is somebody you can call a true health expert. She is now serving as a nutrition advisor at the Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center and focusing her attention on research that tackles issues related to weight management and eating disorders. You can check her out on the Today Show, where she is the show’s nutrition specialist. You can also catch her at “Good Food, Good Deeds” on RLTV.

The American Dietetic Association has given Ms. Bauer an award for her devotion to giving people sound information on health management. She is that wonderful person who deserves the credit for all those products that are changing millions of lives all over the world. Pick the one that will meet your health needs.

Proactol XS

This product is for anyone struggling with weight loss. If this one will work effectively for you, your life will be transformed in a matter of weeks. Proactol XS will not only make you lose stubborn pounds but also dramatically improve your overall health. The company calls it the “fat binder”, but it is actually more than that. It will improve your digestive functions and control your food cravings.

This product is useful in cutting unwanted fat, but it does so without harming a person’s body or constitution. This is its number one advantage over the others. Over 40 clinical studies have been done for it to establish the fact that it is totally safe to use and they all came up with the same result. If your current product is making you lose sleep or feel restless, do the switch to Proactol XS. Start achieving milestones towards a better you without having to wrestle with annoying side effects.


Capsiplex is another weight-loss jewel from Bauer Nutrition. It is a product of years of research carefully conducted to come up with a perfectly natural formula.

While Proactol is known for its ability to slow down digestion and bind fat molecules, Capsiplex reduces weight by burning calories fast. The main ingredient for Proactol is opuntia-ficus indica taken from cactus. For Capsiplex, the main ingredient is capsaicin sourced from the chili.

How do you choose?

If your diet has a high volume of fat and you have no time for exercise, it is best to settle with Proactol. It will block fat molecules before they are absorbed by your body. On the other hand, if you have time to exercise and have a low fat intake, go for Capsiplex. Capsaicin in Capsiplex, combined with exercise, will make your body burn calories faster.

Unique Hoodia

Next in the line of Bauer Nutrition supplements is its Unique Hoodia, a hunger suppressor. For some, the trouble is not about fighting the urge to eat fat or having the time to exercise. For them, the trouble is about not being able to control their appetite.

Bauer Nutrition has specially made Unique Hoodia for them. The trick for this product is to enhance the thermogenesis function of the body, the function that quickens the absorption and utilization of nutrients. A person using Unique Hoodia will, therefore, feel full longer as a result.

For Unique Hoodia, the main ingredient is Hoodia Gordonii, also sourced from a certain type of cactus. This is the substance that has the power to enhance thermogenesis. There is also Bioperine which has the ability to increase the effect of Hoodia Gordonii by 30%. The combination is powerful enough to make a person skip meals and late-night snacks.

If at this very point in your life you are at the mercy of your food cravings, try Unique Hoodia. It can be the salvation you are waiting for.


Moving on, we have Bauer Nutrition’s Meratol, which is the one that’s designed for the gym and sports aficionado. The difference for this one is its ability to increase energy by firing up a person’s metabolic functions. Along with the boost in energy, the product is also able to enhance one’s alertness and attention.

Joy Bauer was probably also thinking of students targeting to ace their exam and people who work late into the night when she was conceptualizing the formulation for Meratol. If this product is going to be effective for you, it can also control your cravings and block carbohydrate consumption.

This product works best for people who exercise regularly and have a healthy diet.


At this point, you probably have a good idea of what’s going to be said here for Nuratrim. You can see from the ones above that all these products have basically the same effects to the body, except that for every one of them, there is one special function.

Nuratrim can also boost your energy, reduce your body mass and control your cravings. The one that’s special for this product is it is specifically designed for people whose primary goal is to “remove excess weight” and the ones whose metabolism has been slowing down due to aging.

As people age, it becomes harder for them to burn off the extra calories from the food they love to eat. If this is the case for you, give Nuratrim a try. Main ingredients for this product are raspberry ketone and green coffee extract. All ingredients are 100% natural.

Forskolin 250

Down to the last, we have Forskolin. The source for the main ingredient for this product is Coleus Forskolii, which is an herbal plant that has been used for centuries to treat different diseases. It was only recently that the plant’s weight-loss ability was discovered.

Chemical analyses and clinical tests were done on the plant’s extract revealed that it works by going directly to the cells and telling them to increase their production of a certain enzyme whose function is to facilitate breaking down of fat molecules.

As fat molecules are broken down, the thermogenesis process is also sped up, making it easy for the body to burn calories and use them for physical and mental activities.

When you start using Forskolin, your body will become more active and your mind more alert. You will have to study your body’s response to the pills and make an adjustment.

Get an Expert’s Advice

Here are your great choices, and hopefully, one of them will create a miracle for you. Consult with your physician, if necessary. People with high blood pressure and cardiac conditions should visit their doctor before using any of these products.

bauer nutrition review & coupon code

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