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While they may promise dramatic and mostly instant results, using products such as pumps and drugs just won’t cut it if you want to have a bigger penis.

You got to find a product that will give you proven results while not jeopardizing your health.

This is where Phallosan Forte comes into the picture.

The product of decades of research, innovation, and improvement, this device has helped men of all ages and sizes get the size and performance they have always wanted.

In a nutshell, this revolutionary device aims to provide you with these benefits:

  • Increased penis size
  • Used for treating penile ailments such as Peyronie’s disease
  • Enhanced bedroom performance

FeaturesPhallosan forte discount code

  • 3-way pressure valve

The valve is one of the things that make this product stand out.

Responsible for creating the pressure needed you need to increase the size of your penis, it is designed in such a way that it provides the ideal mix of performance and practicality.

You can increase or decrease the pressure any time you want, making this device a great everyday companion.

  • Non-allergenic components

One of the most troubling things you can encounter when using a penis-enlarging device is having an allergy.

The good thing is that the makers of Phallosan have recognized this.

They made all the parts of their device, from the silicon condom sleeve to the foam ring, using non-allergenic materials.

  • Multiple safety features

One of the great things about this device is its wealth of features dedicated to safety.

As mentioned earlier, its parts are made of non-allergic materials.

It also has a cap that protects the glans of the penis against excessive pressure. A stoplight-inspired tension reader gives you an idea of how much pressure you are exerting on your penis.

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How to Use It

This device is remarkably simple to use. As long as you correctly follow the instructions, the procedure for wearing it is highly uncomplicated.

The first step is to select the bell that is appropriate to your penis size.

The next step is to install the condom sleeve into the bell. You will then place the protector cap at the glans. You will then place the bell into the cap and then roll down the sleeve over the length of your penis.

Once you are done with this step, you use the valve to create the appropriate pressure and the orthopedic belt to fix the pump in place.

You must then wear it for at least 8 hours daily, adjusting the pressure when necessary.

Pros and Cons

The advantages of using this Phallosan device over other penis enlargement methods are numerous. Here is a list of some of the benefits of using this product.

  • Bigger, better erections – With regular use of Phallosan, you can expect your penis to become larger, both regarding length and girth. But beyond making your penis more substantial, this device will help you get better erections. Not only will you get lasting erections, but you’ll also get more powerful sensations and orgasms. This will improve the sex lives of both you and your partner!
  • Improved safety – One thing that makes men hesitant to use any kind of male enhancement products is the safety issues surrounding these products. Due to such concerns, safety can be considered as one of the biggest selling points of Phallosan forte. The decades spent on its development reflects on the design’s level of refinement. It is constructed in such a way that injury risks are significantly reduced.
  • The practicality of use – People are raving about how they can wear this product without interfering with their everyday tasks. It will take some time to get used to wearing it, but once you do, you won’t even recognize that it is there. A lot of people have been wearing this while they work or while they sleep, and they don’t even recognize that it’s there! It does not show in your clothing and wearing it is virtually pain-free.

In spite of its great reviews, some negative feedback still exists with this product. Perhaps the biggest flaw of this product is the fact that it’s not as effective when used for “well-endowed” men.

Many users would say that this device is only effective for men of up to 7 inches in length. A clamor is currently being made that an XL version (or extension) of the Phallosan should be made.

Where Do You Buy & Get A Phallosan Forte Discount?

Due to the popularity of this product, many websites are currently selling it (or at least claiming to do so).

Still, the best place to buy this penis extender is on their official website.

Beware of fakes! A lot of online sellers may claim to offer cheap Phallosan Forte for sale, but buying these products can put your health in danger. These obviously fake extenders as you can only buy genuine Phallosan Forte from the official website of the manufacturer.

Two-Year Warranty

All Phallosan Forte parts are covered by a two-year warranty. However, the warranty does not include vacuum condoms as well as the protector caps.

Discreet Packages

All orders are shipped in inconspicuous and plain packaging to make sure that there are no clues as to what the parcel contains.

Phallosan values your privacy as much as you do; thus, they make sure that your order will be held under strict confidence. Even your neighbors can receive the parcel for you, and they will have no idea what the box contains unless you tell them yourself.

They are known to ship worldwide for a minimal cost, and they do so discreetly. For your complete peace of mind, we highly recommend that you only purchase this product on their official website.

Fast Delivery

Phallosan only ships via USPS to the US and DHL for orders from Austria and Germany. All replacement parts are handled by Malta Post. Phallosan delivers to other countries using local post services.

No Customs Duties

Buyers from the US and most countries in Europe do not have to pay for customs duties.

If you leave outside of these countries, you can check if there are applicable customs duties in your country through the list Phallosan has posted on the order page on our website. You can also refer to your local customs for more information.

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Phallosan Forte App

With the Phallosan Forte App for Android and iOS devices, you can conveniently develop a personal training plan that best suits your personal circumstances. This way, you can enjoy bigger success in a much shorter period of time.

The app will issue reminders on your training schedule, as well as collate the training data that will help you keep track of your progress. This will help give you the motivation you need to work harder.

To help your training, even more, you will receive regular tips and tricks, as well as updates on the website’s latest offers and news updates. You can also find contact information of resources that you can call if you need any assistance.


Phallosan Forte is the penis enhancement device that men like you have been waiting for.

Effective, convenient, and carries no side effects, this will help you get the gains in both size and performance you’ve always wanted.

Don't forget to claim your Phallosan forte discount bonus!

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  • Effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Guarantee
  • Price

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