NooCube Review: Ingredients & Side Effects [Revealed]

Is NooCube our brain’s newest best friend? Are you looking for ways to keep your mind alert but running out of caffeine-free alternatives?

With today’s lifestyle, keeping energized and focused despite all the pressure a hectic schedule or job offers is one of the many challenges of everyday life.

Sure, coffee has always been a good choice but sadly, caffeine almost always works against keeping your mind in a productive state.

Nootropics, What Are They?

Ever heard of the term nootropic? Nootropics or smart drugs are cognitive enhancers—they improve cognitive and executive functions such as memory, attention, and comprehension.

Coined from the Greek words nous, or “mind” and trepein “to bend”, these are an emerging class of stimulants designed to enhance brain functions with minimal side effects.

These compounds work like brain nutrients and have also been proven extremely safe and protective of the brain.

Nootropics have long been used to increase productivity, caffeine being one of the most common choices.

But a nootropic that isn’t caffeine?

You might be wondering whether the world offers anything as mentally stimulating as caffeine; something that doesn’t affect sleep quality but improves mental performance, something that not only gives you physical stamina but mental energy as well. It does.


NooCube, A Rising Star?

The answer lies in a simple capsule—NooCube. NooCube, which describes itself as a synergistic blend of nootropics, is a nutritional supplement designed to enhance cognitive abilities.

It claims to have all-natural ingredients, including a powerful blend of amino acids and vitamins to guarantee focus, improve memory and improve life in general.

The supplement has also made nootropic headlines, receiving positive reviews and claims.

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Our Body’s Commander-In-Chief

Before gaining further knowledge on the product, one must first understand the workings of one of the body’s most important organs—the brain.

The brain is more or less the body’s commander-in-chief. It exerts control over the rest of the body, receives information from its surroundings, and allows humans to think, reason, and feel.

You might be wondering how the brain manages to control other organs considering its distance from the rest of the body.

Neurotransmitters, which are chemicals that communicate information between the brain and the body, are used by the brain to make organs function and to make humans feel.

These neurotransmitters, however efficient they prove to be, need a little boost from substances like nootropics for increased brain function.

Noocube Ingredients

Thirty minutes—the time a Noocube capsule takes to kick in. NooCube has often been called a scientific wonder; a product without caffeine, gluten, and genetically modified ingredients. But what exactly is in the capsule?

A single capsule claims to possess seven active and all-natural ingredients, namely:

  • Huperzine A
  • Cat’s Claw
  • Alpha GPC
  • Oat Straw
  • L-Theanine
  • L-Tyrosine
  • Bacopa Monnieri

A good thing about Noocube is that it provides information on the product’s components; seven active ingredients, sixty capsules.

Each capsule should be taken twice daily. A disadvantage, however, is the fact that the company refuses to disclose further information on the quantity of each ingredient a capsule contains.

It would have been better if the manufacturers provided the product’s dosage information to further support its claims.

The Advantages and Side Effects of Taking NooCube

With the daily ingestion of NooCube, people are turned into the best versions of themselves; better memory increased productivity and reduced stress levels.

NooCube boosts your neurotransmitters and has numerous advantages such as increasing a person’s attention span and mental awareness, enhancing confidence, communication, and multitasking skills. It can even heal dementia and Alzheimer’s.

To achieve the full benefits of this product, users should strictly follow the prescribed dosage of the drug. A healthy adult can stay alert for 20 hours with the prescribed dosage, coupled with enough rest and proper eating habits.

As for side effects, since the company does not disclose information on the product’s ingredients, the side effects that can be caused by it are unknown.

How to Purchase NooCube?

NooCube can be purchased through its official website (click here) by reliable and customer-friendly online payment. Further information on the product, its benefits and ingredients may also be found on their site.

Prices also range from $43.23 for a bottle to $129.70 for a package of six bottles, shipping included.

Interesting offers such as buy three get three free, free shipping worldwide and various discounts are also offered aside from a guarantee of a 100% refund sixty days from a customer’s purchase if he or she happens to dislike the product for some reason.

Noocube is a product of the Dubai based company ERGO Group Limited, listing its mailing address at:

ERGO Group Limited, Suite 2408 South Tower, Emirates Financial Towers, Dubai, UAE

The company also describes itself as “a trusted name that has taken pride in leading the supplements industry for over a decade” in the official Noocube website.

There’s no harm in trying a new product out; as the saying goes “You’ll never know unless you try”.

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  • Safety
  • Guarantee
  • Price
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