[WARNING] Phen24 Review – Does It Really Work?

Phen24: The Sexy Diet Pill That’s Turning Heads

Boasting natural ingredients like green tea extract, Phen24 is a diet pill that has people abuzz with excitement. If you want to lose weight, discipline in dieting, exercise and sleep hygiene are still the first and most important steps. When you have those down, consider adding this pill above the rest to round off your weight loss regimen.

Phen 24 offers these primary benefits:

  1. 24 hour effectiveness
  2. Reduced vulnerability to night time cravings

Phen24 Review & Coupon Code

Made by a UK company call BUQ Group, it does other diet pills better by working during the night as well as the day. Other diet pills do the same things this one does, like quickening your metabolism to process food quicker and lowering your appetite, but they only cover those things during the day.

At night, when these other pills stop working, improper sleep cycles dotted with constant interruptions confuse your body’s ability to metabolize carbohydrates. Unfortunately, unused carbohydrates tend to wind up as fat.

In some cases, when someone who wants to lose weight has just started their program, wakeful moments often bring with them cravings and hunger pangs just when the body is most ill-prepared to digest them once they go back to sleep.

With Phen24, you actually get something that exercise and dieting alone won’t give on their own, which is the ability to sleep soundly through the night, and with much less of the daytime drowsiness associated with sleeping pills.

A Tale of Two Pills

Phen24 is actually two pills, which have different ingredients targeted for the different needs of daytime and night time weight loss.

Taken before breakfast, the day pill has ingredients like caffeine, a well-known stimulant, which helps keep you active and on the go. It also uses something called Guarana extract. This speeds up your metabolism so less of what you eat ends up as fat.

Before dinner comes the night pill. Unlike its partner, it doesn’t have caffeine. Instead, it has green tea extract, which aids in digestion and promotes healthy brain activity in a more restful way than caffeine does.

Green tea extract is an all-natural ingredient that also contains anti-oxidants, reducing your risk of cancer. It possesses fat burning properties as well, and is a major factor in keeping your body humming along and digesting at optimal efficiency as you sleep.

Not Just For Losing Weight

Aside from helping you lose weight, here are some other reasons people are giving kudos about Phen24:

  1. It makes you more wakeful and alert
  2. Boosting your energy helps you speak and interact with others more confidently
  3. It manages your hunger levels
  4. It simplifies your purchases by needing only one pill for assorted uses, like helping with sleep deprivation as well as losing weight
  5. It contains nothing that someone on a vegan would object to
  6. Exercise is easier because of stimulants like caffeine

Not only that, it has very few if any side effects reported so far. That being said, always use dietary supplements like weight loss pills responsibly. Before taking any diet pill, seek advice from your physician and nutritionist so you are sure you’re making the right call.

Can Anyone Use It?

Not quite. Although Phen24 doesn’t show any major side effects so far, that’s partly because it’s makers were very careful to specify certain conditions and medications which the pill is not intended to be used alongside.

Specifically, do not use this pill if you fall under any of the following categories:

  1. Pregnant or nursing
  2. Diabetic
  3. Under 18
  4. Diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder
  5. Diagnosed with an endocrine disorder
  6. Diagnosed with prostate, kidney or liver cancer
  7. Diagnosed with depression
  8. Taking depression meds

The Daily Regimen

BUQ group’s official site advises users to take one day pill shortly before breakfast and two night pills a few minutes before supper, along with a glass or two of water.

Phen24 comes in boxes of 30 day pills and 60 night pills, the amount you need to keep up the regimen for a month. Research strongly shows that the first sixty days pose the greatest challenge to adopting a new, healthy lifestyle, as that is when the temptation and cravings are strongest.

Exactly two boxes covers this period nicely, and is the minimum recommended usage period for the best returns.

Price and Purchasing

One box will set you back eighty dollars, and on the site has a listed price of sixty pounds, though as of this writing they’re taking ten pounds off the price. Right now, when you purchase two boxes, you get a third one for free.

Get three at once, and the next two is on the sellers as well. You also get a free fat burner, Advana Tone.

All purchases are made in the main site, and they accept only Visa and Mastercard for now. You might occasionally find other online retailers hawking the item, but hold onto your cash if you do, since they’re probably selling fakes.

Shipping is worldwide, and commands a ten dollar fee for single purchases, but two boxes or more come with no added shipping costs.

BUQ groups also offers refunds, though that doesn’t include shipping fees. Simply return unconsumed pills in the packaging they came in within sixty days and you’ll get your money back. 

Wrapping Up

Phen24 won’t solve all your problems. At the end of the day, it still comes down to the will to be better than the person you were before. That takes commitment, and there will be many challenges and missteps along the way. Eat properly, exercise regularly, and believe you can achieve your goals.

That said, if you are going to spend money on a diet pill, spend it on this one. It’s smartly made with distinct pills for day and night, with ingredients designed to be as non-disruptive as possible and with little side effects.

Give it a go, and if the things people who have tried it have said are anything to go by, you’ll get your money’s worth.

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